Everyone who has donated to the Lake of The Woods Annual Walleye Tournament. We personally want to thank you for your unconditional support and we hold much gratitude toward each and every one of you. With out you all; This tournament would not be even possible!



Aon First Nation

Aon First Nation Corporation

Northern Lights Credit Union

Myles Place

Pier North

Baudette Outdoors again

Sight & Sound

Canadian Tire

Road Side Resturant 

Gills Marina 

Mike Rockola 

Thompkins Hardware

B+B Electric 

Border land Esso


Zigs Place

Lowes Lumber 

Romyn Plumbing

Blue Wave

Baduiks Equipment 

Bill and Nanct Lungren

Miller Contracting

Marks Wearhouse 

Westend Motors 

Webbs Sports

Marty Perjevik 

Beaver Mills

Kregers Sales


Morson L.O.T.W Township (Morson, Ontario)

West End Motors (Fort Frances, Ontario

Beaver Mills (Rainy River, Ontario)

True Value (Rainy River, Ontario)

Greger Sales + Service (Rainy River)

Sunset Cove (Nestor Falls)

Dave Goodman Auto LTD (Emo,Ontario)

Ronnings (Baudette, Minnesota)

Duty Free (Baudette, Minnesota)

Ashley Gibbins (Morson, Ontario)

Fort Frances General Supply (Fort Frances, Ont)

Pier North (Morson, Ontario)

C.I.B.C (Rainy River, Ontario)

Marks Warehouse (Fort Frances, Ontario)

Sight & Sound (Fort Frances, Ontario)

Northland Oil ( Emo, Ontario)

Darrel Big George (Morson, Ontario)

Out Doors Again (Baudette, Minnesota)

N.L.C.U (Rainy River, Ontario)

Webbs Sports (Fort Frances, Ontario)

AON First Nation (Morson, Ontario)

AON Corporation (Morson, Ontario)

Mylies Place (Morson Ontario)

Miller Contracting (Morson, Ontario)

Baduiks Equipment ( Fort Frances, Ontario)

Thompkins Hardware (Emo, Ontario)

Rockola Drywalling (Keewaitin, Ontario)

Gills Marina (Morson, Ontario)

John Sinninghe Contracting (Rainy River, Ont)

Teeple Electric (Rainy River, Ontario)

Romyn Heating & Plumbing (Pinewood, Ont)

Woods Bakery (Rainy River, Ontario)

Numerous Private Donations

2017 Sponsors
Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing
Thompkins Hardware
J&J General Store
Miller Contracting
Sunset Cove Resort
John & CJ Mork
Dave Goodman
Sunset Country Ford
West End Motors
LaBelle Resort
Wilsons ( Fort Frances )
CIBC (emo)
CIBC (fort frances)
Nexus Credit Union (Rainy River)
Ronnings (Baudette, Minnesota)
McDonalds (Baudette, Minnesota)
Petro Canada
Gillions Insurance
Tim Hortons
Patrick Gibbins
Nickol Handorgan
Rockola Drywall
Clark & Crombie
Big Grassy First Nation
Split Rock
Woods Bakery
Fairway Foods
Ashley & Jarvis Little
Courtney Gibbins
Teri Major
Sight & Sound
Lyle Kvarnlov
R.A Gills
Sioux Narrows Trading Post
Mylies Place
Greens Furniture
J.P Diaglo
Darrell Big George
Laura Major
Brian Major Sr
Brian Major Jr
Clarence Gibbins
Ron & Sue Mazur
Spruce Creek

AON First Nation (Big Island F.N)

Mylies Resort (Morson, Ont)

Pier North Resort (Morson, Ont)

Thompkins Hardware Store (Emo, Ont)

Zigs Place (Big Grassy River F.N)

Millers Construction ( Morson, Ont)

Bruce Brigham ( Emo, Ont)

Baduiks Equipment (Fort Frances, Ont)

Lowes Lumber (Fort Frances, Ont)

Rocola Construction (Kenora, Ont)

Gills Marina (Morson, Ont)

Sight & Sound (Fort Frances, Ont)

Canadian Tire (Fort Frances, Ont)

Fort Frances General Supply (Fort Frances, Ont)

Duty Free Shop (Baudette, MN)

Ronnings (Baudette, MN)

Kreger Sales & Service ( Rainy River, Ont)

CIBC (Rainy River)

True Value (Baudette, MN)

Outdoors (Baudette, MN)

Bergland  General Store (Bergland, Ont)

Spruce Creek Golf Course (Morson, Ont)

Border Esso ( Emo, Ont)

Ashley Gibbins ( Big Island F.N)





AON ( Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing)

Mylies Place (Morson, Ont)

Sunset Fort (Fort Frances, Ont)

Thompkin Hardware ( Emo, Ont)

Norlund Oil Emo (Emo, Ont)

Baduiks Equipment (Fort Frances, Ont)

Westend Motors (Fort Frances Ont)

Esso - Dave Goodmen (Emo, Ont)

Busy Beaver (Rainy River,Ont)

Fort Frances General (Fort Frances Ont)

Patrick Gibbins (Big Island, Ont)

Ronnings (Baudette MN)

Gills Marina (Morson, Ont)

Kreger Sales Service ( Rainy River, Ont)

Oliver Gibbins (Sleeman, Ont)

Jody Gouliqour + Larry Goliqour

Pelican Landing (Morson, Ont)

Peir North (Morson, Ont)

Rockola Drywalling (Keewaitin, Ont)

Woods Quailty Bakery (Rainy River)

Numurous Private Donations


LOTW Township

Walla Walla Inn ( Rainy River, Ont )

Miller Contracting (Morson, Ont)

Thompkins Hardware (Emo, Ont)

Gill Marina ( Morson, Ont )

Brennen ( Nestor Falls, Ont )

Rockola Construction ( Kenora, Ont )

Sunset Country Ford ( Fort Frances, Ont )

Sight and Sound (Fort Frances, Ont)

Mylies Place ( Morson, Ont )

Busy Beaver ( Rainy River, Ont )

McDonalds (Baudette, MN)

Nexus Credit Union (Rainy River)

Brain Major JR ( Morson, Ont)

Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing First Nation ( Morson, Ont)

Woods Bakery ( Rainy River, Ont)

Tamarack Lodge

Norlund Oil Emo ( Emo Ont)

J & J Store ( Morson, Ont )

West End Motors F.F (Fort Frances, Ont)

Dave Goodman Auto ( Emo, Ont)

Ron & Sue Mazur

Fort Frances General Supply ( Fort Frances, Ont )

Ronnings ( Baudette MN )

Grassy Narrows Lodge ( Grassy Narrows, Ont )

C.I.B.C Bank (Emo, Ontario)

C.I.B.C Bank ( Rainy River, Ont )

Greger Sales & Services (

Spruce Creek Golf Course ( Morson, Ont )

Rhonda Big George ( Morson, Ont )

Patrick & Virginia Handorgan ( Morson, Ont )

Fairway Foods ( Emo, Ont )

Kaimingh Sales ( Emo, Ont )

Duty Free (Baudette, MN )

Sunset Country Ford ( Fort Frances, Ont )

Clark & Crombie (Nestor Falls, Ont )

2018 Sponsors

AON First Nation

J&J Store
JTJ Judson...
Millers Contracting
Mylies Place
Obobakin Camp
Grassy Narrows Camp
Tamerack Lodge
Gills Marina
Buena Vista Resort
Rainy River True Value
Busy Beaver Fuels
Kreger Sales & Service
Sunset Country Ford
Bait & Tackle
Bidukes Equipment
Sight & Sound
Kaemingh Fuels
BDO Fort Frances
Greens Furniture
Fort Frances General Supply
Howards Oil
Hometown Hardware
Noble Hardware
Baudette Bank
Quetico North
Thompkins Hardware
Fareway Foods
Bettys - Fort Frances
Ink Spots - Fort Frances
Dave Goodman
D&R Tackle
Woods Quality Bakery
Gillans Insurance
Brian Major Jr
Darrel Big George
Elvis Adams
Nicky Handorgan
Danny Kohlman
Scott Anderson
Brian Major Sr
Clarence Gibbins Sr
Terry Major
Mike Rokola